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re: kink 

@sharkNserg funnily enough how, uh, not fronting, works for us

100% present, just no control

@codl you could also put your entire site in iframes, you know, revive good old frameset

re: alc adj. silliness 

@owashii i read stout as snout

bourbon-barrel aged snout

i've actually had to file a bug report for this because it's not on the list of known issues

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happy dragon appreciation day!

i know it falls on a monday but we can make this monday good.

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or how adding Notepad adds Internet Explorer

(Notepad pulls in the rest of the accessories like Paint, which pulls in the Help renderer, which pulls in MSHTML, which pulls in Internet Explorer)

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I also now understand why Windows 10 is built from individual components with dependencies now - it's literally what they've done for Embedded since the early days, except instead of untangling things after the fact, they keep things compartmentalized from the get go.

This also makes odd dependencies more obvious, like how in XP Embedded adding a serial device driver adds modem support, which adds a ton of GUI stuff

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(The embedded versions have two licenses, one for the tooling, which I have access to through work's Visual Studio subscription, and the runtime one, which is supposed to be specific to a product, and thus requires you to buy it separately - the runtime serial can be dumped from any image, so you can just get it from a thin client of the appropriate era)

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I actually worked on this yesterday, and I'm probably going to use XP Embedded instead, because

a) I surprisingly actually have a runtime license for it, so you don't have to sit through the FBA preparing the OS to avoid the evaluation time bomb

b) compiling software for XP is much easier than compiling software for NT 4

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@EeveeEuphoria people have actually ported virtual machine software to browsers

@SuricrasiaOnline don't give Nvidia more ideas for custom shader extensions

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Animal crossing xpack: please.... The item limit... You can't... You need to remove something if you want to put more in... We're begging you... Think of the switch hardware... Please.......

Me, absolutely encrusting the walls of the clothing shop with clothing items: this is clutterbitch phobic

NT 4 embedded has a disk image that's like 10 MB, which gives me a gloriously cursed idea for a website that's still smaller than your average site today

@Kaffe also the local currency is replaced with forza fun bucks, where a hoodie costs as much as 4 1980's cars

I want to make the world's cheapest electric drum kit

each drum is a piece of cardboard, with a layer of tinfoil, and then a layer of plastic wrap - if you then cover the drum sticks in tinfoil as well you can use capacitive coupling to measure hits very roughly

could be even cheaper if you tolerate it being a binary hit/no hit like a rockband drum kit, at that point you can just use a ground strap and run a tiny current through the user to detect hits

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