server was down for almost an hour today because most of town lost power


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for real i think this still might be the first and still only time a dead-instance has been revived as a honeypot

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for some reason it is still live

this thing has been live for like 6mo now. i would love to find out who is running this honeypot

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this honeypot is so fucking shady. and not just "scammer" shady

honeypot in january before the incredibly fake "scammer" ad:

honeypot today with the ad:

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i did a funny

nintendo told steam to remove dolphin from their store, allegedly due to it's hardcoded inclusion of the wii common key

so here's a flag that represents the wii's common key, in hexadecimal form :)

EDIT: oops inkscape fucked it up in the export, i fixed it now lol
EDIT 2: fix'd info, everyone was wrong apparantly! doesn't change much but still

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you're telling me you never whacked it after you and mom stopped fucking when she got the blood clots in her leg and an accidental pregnancy would be a death sentence?

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Just remembered when I borrowed an old iPad from Dad, I opened safari to enter a URL, and the first thing in the suggestions was xvideos.

I told him to wipe his browser history or use incognito, but he repeatedly said it wasn't him who did it, like yeah, sure, who fucking else did, ya idiot

@charlotte wait, what does the 32 in the name stand for if it's not 32 bits

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Deno: we can build an executable!
Me: Oh, that's cool how big is hello wor--

Deno: 69MB
Me: :blobfoxcomputerterrified:

re: totk spoiler (opinion) 

@EeveeEuphoria @ShadowJonathan they at least made it so skipping the cutscene during the "here's how i promised to help" flashback just skips that part

@codl the flipper zero has support for applications running off the SD card, they are Flipper Applications

or FAPs

@cato yeah, "hen" was specifically created as an artificial word that isn't gendered ("hon" and "han" are the gendered ones) but it's just awkward, like, it conflicts with the local dialect

you fuckers who only speak english have it so easy picking pronouns

basically the only reason i don't use they/them is because the swedish equivalent is, get this, "hen"

that's a fucking chicken

my pronouns aren't chicken

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Developer: "We don't need to write documentation. Users should obviously know what to give as input. "


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So I just got done playing Mortal Kombat on my iPhone, and I wanted to unpack my thoughts on it, mobile gaming, and accessibility across mobile systems. So, I never thought I'd ever be playing Mortal Kombat on my phone. I mean, this is a little iPhone SE 2 with 64 GB storage and 3 GB RAM. And yet, on my AirPods Pro 2 even, I'm able to win fights, in the classic combat tower thing. My account is at like level 11, and I was able to even drag my Fujin card to be my main team member. Your main is in the middle, BTW.

Anyway, look at this though. The whole time, from navigating the interface, and in battles, VoiceOver is on. The app uses a Direct Touch Area during battles, then switches to an interface view when done. So, during battles, a tap or swipe is sent to the app, but the app can still send text to be spoken by VoiceOver. Then the interface is navigated using VoiceOver's usual commands. This isn't using some self-voicing screen reader made by the devs. And while one *could* do that on Android, the user would have to turn off TalkBack, and the game creator would have to design a whole self-voicing interface for the thing. And y'all know what? That's fucking sad. It's sad that people with Android can't play a game cause Google can't possibly have spent resources over the last ten years to make frameworks that devs can make intuitive, powerful, seemless experiences with. And I'm not saying this game is perfectly accessible either. It'll tell you VO functionality on the iPhone isn't perfect yet. But on the iPhone, game developers can use this stuff, and Injustice 2, not the original, has this kind of stuff too, although I wasn't able to get far into it. And if big studeos like NetherRealm can do this much, it ain't because it's the right thing to do as much as it's gotten easier and better to do this. The iPhone can *definitely* be a great gaming system, even for blind people.

#accessibility #iOS #apple #MortalKombat #android #google

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I will never, ever stop loving Bill Atkinson’s dithering algorithm. If you cut your teeth on Macpaint or Hypercard, you probably recognize it without even realizing it.

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