@piggo my api depreciation method is returning an error randomly, where it happens more often the longer it was since the api was deprecated

@stolas pretty much everyone is working from home, so it's not really an issue in terms of spread, but it does mean I have to put on pants

I need to go to the office to get my laptop charger

wait does the mastodon RedownloadMediaWorker actually not prevent requests to non-FQDNs? this is such a terrible idea

@SuricrasiaOnline I should really put up my "dump all the activitypub entities that can be found on an instance" code somewhere that means it won't be instantly used for scraping the fediverse

it's incredibly useful for theoretically loading it into another instance as incoming posts, and a theoretical gossip mode for getting posts from dead instances that your neighboring instances might have

the biggest issues is ethics, since you don't have a good way to delete your data if the instance is gone, which is also why I haven't done any of this

@Zest "gave kobold access to my bank account, came back to cinders, 5/5 would do it again"

@eval i am not ashamed to admit to everyone that it's taken me seeing this exact post 14 times to get the pun that's literally spelled out at the end of the post

dragon hot take 

dragon curls up on your lap and steals your warmth, thus taking your hot
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