one day I'm gonna dedicate time to figuring out why this instance is slow as balls

one day

it's one of those "this car from 1979 hasn't run since 2002 and has a whole 32000 km on the odometer, and is yours for $300" pearls

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have been looking for a specific car model for the last three years, which just showed up for sale

currently begging relatives for a place to keep it

Swedish politics 

it's less than 42000 votes between if we get a left-ish government coalition, or a right wing government coalition

help :dragnyell:

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soulseek is special

downloading "taking the hobbits to isengard.mp3" from GetFuckedRaegan

i am on the third attempt of printing this thing on my 3d printer, i'm tempted to throw it in the garbage

@toydragon i am so used to you making elaborate shitposts I spent at least a minute staring at this trying to find one

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okay fuck it

here's gargron's cover of "fireside" by arctic monkeys

he uploaded it to announce audio uploads a few years ago but the file is missing now

i saved it bc i figured it was an important bit of mastodon history lol

goermany question 

@AgathaSorceress isn't exactly that lamp from ikea? It looks like the one I have

@flussence genuine question: how does btrfs make A/B partitions obsolete? Half the point is that you can completely fuck up one partition and it can still boot and recover

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as a software developer, I'm deadly allergic to sentences that begin with "As a X, Y"

Trump Installs Mastodon news 

@halcy well, 320k a month, but close enough :dragnmlem:

does sound like more than just hosting though, sounds more like an MSP kinda deal

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why did they call them PPAs and not headcanonicals
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i may have just made the most disgusting soap ever 

@demonicdevice because it's really easy, and since fucking up the mix gives you soap with lye in it, I think making the first attempt out of garbage oil doesn't really hurt, since I probably have to throw it away anyways

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