@seatsea to be fair, I would not want them to be compatible given how absolutely bonkers some of them are, like, the line I use straight up has zero protection circuitry inside the battery pack, it's in the tool itself instead

"but why"

I don't want an IDE bus in my main computer, and space is at a premium

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Coming to the realization that a case that's as small as possible but has 3x 5.25" bays and a 3.5" bay just isn't something that exists

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Hey all
I wanna introduce you to possibly the worst thing I have ever seen in a program
It's Crucial's "Storage Executive"

And yes, that is chromium running as admin

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"Automated translation of web content is now available to Firefox users! Unlike cloud-based alternatives, translation is done locally in Firefox, so that the text being translated does not leave your machine."

I got to see the early demos of this and it is jaws-on-the-floor bonkers wizard magic. Entirely local - and good - translation with no cloud service and like 6MB of storage per language.


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Dear open source committers and developers: never, EVER do this.


Newcomers need encouragement, mentorship, and support. Never dismiss days of work. Give them feedback and send them back to do it correctly.

OpenBSD is actually pretty good at massaging newcomers into producing solid patches, if you can ignore the haters on their mailing lists.

(blog post found via @vaurora, it's an excellent writeup of a problem I've seen too many times.)

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AI content will answer any and every question with high confidence

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If anyone was wondering what a terminal is, I've figured it out

re: tech hot take 

@ShadowJonathan this post was actually inspired by the faq on that site, namely the "But it costs money to provide SAML support, so we can’t offer it for free!" one

SAML is garbage and even on premise Active Directory supports OIDC at this point, just let it die

@EeveeEuphoria not sure if I like it more or less than the arch approach, which is "read archlinux.org/news/ after the fact to figure out why everything broke"

tech hot take 

software as a service solutions shouldn't charge for security features, except for the parts that's relatively more complicated to implement

single sign on using OIDC? free.
single sign on using SAML? $120 extra a month

I love how the current state of archiving CD and DVD software for the PC involves making three dumps because all software has issues

1. DIC, will dump the scrambled data, including lead in, and handle weird TOCs. Requires specific hardware and possibly burning a funky CD.
2. Aaru, will actually properly dump the subchannel data, which usually requires multiple tries.
3. Alcohol 120%, because in 2023 it's still the only one that does data position measurement, which is needed for passing DRM.

@flussence apparently the entire linked post is in the preview description and apparently toot doesn't enforce a limit

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redrawing this comic just popped into my head and i couldnt resist

#furryArt #taidum

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twitch streamer with 7 viewers: hey guys!! i bought this expensive microphone so you can hear me play minecraft in dolby atmos surround sound

long-distance train manager (speaking into a potato): please listen to the following announcements to find out how you’re going to get home

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give it up for 22 hours!

I called my ISP, and it's hardware failure - the switch I'm connected to has dropped offline, so they need to send out a tech :dragncrysmile:

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