judgment-free high level explanation about NFTs 

@LouInABox @hugh Yeah, pretty much, at least today. I guess there's also that one NFT of a big tungsten rock, where the owner gets to visit it once a year to look at it for an hour?

judgment-free high level explanation about NFTs 

@LouInABox so, an NFT stands for "non-fungible token", which basically means they are 'unique' - think more of an individually numbered limited run of a trading card series, rather than a currency.

How it works is that someone pays a bit of crypto currency to create a token with the properties they want (name, description, image and so on) and have it assigned to them. This is called "minting". They can then list it for auction on one of a dozen auction sites to try to make a profit, or simply just keep the NFT they just created.

An NFT on its own is essentially just a virtual unique trading card, where the value comes from how it's perceived (like owning an expensive painting, for example) and what comes attached (you could attach the rights to a character to an NFT, for example).

@flussence I have played dirt rally against an actual rally driver, who pretty much agreed in that while there is a great amount of memorization in it, there is still a pretty big element of skill in just having to handle a big chunk of metal flying down a tiny road, behaving completely predictably but acting on unpredictable events, it's all in how you handle things not going as you planned

she was pretty cool to speak to, and this is also why rally and rally cross is superior to tarmac racing

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@Zauberin bold of you to assume @klor hasn't eaten them already

this is a company with employees in five countries spanning multiple industries

god I can't wait until someone installs ransomware

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the security at Azure Devops at work is so good someone accidentally added their team as a required pull request reviewer for the entire company

CPP2IL works surprisingly well to analyze Unity assemblies that have run through IL2CPP github.com/SamboyCoding/Cpp2IL

@owashii thankfully you can just enter the set on their site and request a spare brick, but urgh

@lulucybrelu @codl shame it's impossible to use most archive formats for email attachments in a business setting because of overzealous filters

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y'ever just fuck up so bad you can't even begin to explain where you went wrong?

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What you think hacking looks like vs. What hacking actually looks like

@flussence admittedly, not a good example for good clean well-tested code either

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The Illinois Department of Public Health has a very comprehensive drop-down menu for picking your preferred language, which is good, except that it is so comprehensive that it includes "English, Middle (1100-1500)" and "English, Old (ca. 400-1100)" right under English, also there's "Egyptian (Ancient)", "German, Old High ca. 1050-1500", "Irish, Old (to 900)", "Low Saxon", and, maybe most perplexingly, "Indo-European languages"

the fact that the sinnoh pokémon remakes is made on unity means ripping the models is really easy (as soon as you can get access to the files, which either needs it to be installed, or you to have dumped the master keys from a switch with an exploitable bootloader)

@codl god I remember how nerve wracking it was to update firmware on the router back when you didn't have a phone with full internet access, where you either had to go to a friend to borrow a computer, or pray that someone had posted how to fix whatever issue you're running into on some WAP forum

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