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I've decided that when I'm old and retired, my hobby is going to be soldering pain receptors on to printers

you may think i've abandoned this place, but no, i've just not been on any social media recently

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I accidentally found a security issue while benchmarking postgres changes.

If you run debian testing, unstable or some other more "bleeding edge" distribution, I strongly recommend upgrading ASAP.


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Raise your hand if you ever made a paper snake out of tear-off tractor-feed margins.

I wanna know how exactly dragons would sound speaking english, like, a lot of it comes from how human mouths are shaped and our lips being able to do what it does

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Please appreciate my dino boy (they/them)~

(Art by @tuxedodragon , who keeps surprising me with incredible art!)

trying to install XP on this machine, and it's going *great*

first drive i put in has lost calibration enough to no longer be able to read 700 MB CD-R

second drive i put in can attempt to read it, but generates IO errors


@charlotte I feel like the answer here is "any option that feels consistent to a lay person", which rules out a lot of options, like code points.

The ones I have always found most usable are the ones that list languages by their English name, and sort it by that as well. I learned the English word for Swedish pretty quickly :)

I should add a page to my site to submit samples of keygens - I enjoy researching them because they can have unique malware strains that are completely ignored by the commercial AV vendors, since they tend to just flag it as a Keygen and skip actually analyzing them. For example, see chcl.se/2023/08/30/girlsmist.h

@flussence qa on ASICS is mostly "well shit, there's an issue, how do we work around it" anyways because of the costs involved

@flussence it's kinda funny to see someone have to confirm that the hardware just can't do 1080, and explicitly say "it's embarrassing"

the greatest accomplishment of my 7 year long employment at my current employer is when I had to design a login screen for an app, which I promptly modeled after Windows XP

my latest experience in "why did you do it this way Microsoft" 

I know the answer is probably "the printing subsystem in windows is one of the oldest ones and a horror to peer into"

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my latest experience in "why did you do it this way Microsoft" 

For some reason, the Microsoft inbox IPP driver maps the paper loaded to the closest "standard paper" available, and if none are close, it just gives up.

My label printer apparently prints business cards, and the tape on that printer is apparently A4 size.

I forgot to mention - when we finally got rid of those 24-port hubs, I used one for archery practice. Felt nice.

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