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Boosting me is illegal in the US under 18 U.S. Code § 2385

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The lockdown project for one of my parents neighbours was to build a scale model of the lake district from Lego. It’s now in the local museum.

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If anybody wants another hilarious online dispute issue, back in 2016 two teens had a dispute over Minecraft, so one DDoS’d the Minecraft server’s DNS server - that broke Dyn, which took down internet access across the US East Coast as they were such a key supplier.

I had to do a radio show on NPR about that one and the presenter kept asking me if it was Putin — and I was like, no, it’s teenagers. Advanced Persistent Teenagers. The show went on for an hour of me just saying ‘yo the net sucks’.

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An update on the Fediverse spam issue:

- It’s not just Mastodon.

- Most of the targets receiving the spam use Misskey, and are in Japan.

- Most Mastodon users aren’t being targeted, so aren’t seeing it.

- It is a dispute between two people over a social issue, after asking them about it.

- It is fully automated.

- The spam continues to be sent and probably won’t stop any time soon, these guys need to star in a BL drama and make up.

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I'm a little butterfly

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multi-billion company naming servers:

cloud-eu-west-prod (runs critical infrastructure for the entire internet)

queer people naming servers:

Hades, king of the underworld (literally just runs nginx)
Hythlodaeus (runs a small Minecraft server for friends)
Velociraptor (an old thinkpad that's now a server)

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mutual aid, goal met!! 💜💜 

hi! cant have too much detail bc character limit but i need like £90 to top up my electricity meter and get food things; both things are getting low, the former being most concerning. i dont get paid until the end of the month so please help if you can thank you and sorry to have to make another one of these so soon after my last one 💜

UPDATE 19th Feb; sorted electricity meter but I misjudged how much I'd need for food and I really need to order it in today. I've changed the total goal counter accordingly. 🙏💜 thank you

£59.83/56 already aaa

tysmsmsmsmssmsmsm 💜💜💜💜💜💜

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i am trying to train this small network to detect bellybuttons in an image (yes really) but it's just cheating my loss function

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in machine learning, the concept of the loss function is so funny to me

here's a function that tells you exactly how much you fucking suck

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computers are a completely normal field where there are still existing databases built on descendants of something called PICK OS, an early database made in the 60s to organize parts for a helicopter that never existed, for a system called Generalized Information Retrieval Language System (GIRLS), as created by a guy named Dick Pick.

i have once again found an issue that could've been detected early by the developer introducing artificial latency to the SQL database

browser UAs are incredibly simple because they all still use "Mozilla/5.0" in the beginning

default library UAs are a bit harder, since I need to collect them

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"why aren't you using nginx" I wanted to try something new, and with this I can push configuration over HTTP if I want to

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still need to write those caddyserver rules to block browser UAs from server-to-server APIs and vice versa

Also block default UAs from libraries

phone just autocorrected "screenshots" as "screw shit's"

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BREAKING: One homestuck reader admits to having installed the popular Linux distribution Arch "just to feel something".

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When I was a smartass computer nerd in the 80s and 90s, an eternal theme was friends and family sheepishly asking me for tech support help, and me slowly, patiently explaining to them that computers aren't scary, they're actually predictable, they won't explode or erase your data (unless you really make an effort), and they operate by simple (if somewhat arcane) rules. Edit > Cut, then click, then Edit > Paste. Save As. Use tabs, not spaces. Stuff like that. Maybe not easy, but simple, or at least consistent and learnable.

But that's not true anymore.

User interfaces lag. Text lies. Buttons don't click. Buttons don't even look like buttons! Panels pop up and obscure your workspace and you can't move or remove them -- a tiny floating x and a few horizontal lines is all you get. Mobile and web apps lose your draft text, refresh at whim, silently swallow errors, mysteriously move shit around when you're not looking, hide menus, bury options, don't respect or don't remember your chosen settings. Doing the same thing gives different results. The carefully researched PARC principles of human-computer interaction -- feedback, discoverabilty, affordances, consistency, personalization -- all that fundamental Don Norman shit -- have been completely discarded.

My tech support calls now are about me sadly explaining there's nothing I can do. Computers suck now. They run on superstition, not science. It's a real tragedy for humanity and I have no idea how to fix it.

#HCI #UX #UI #okdoomer

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