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@codl every time I read your username my brain goes "codl was a hologram e i e i o"

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tech kink goof 

Putting your AI sub into a roomba for kink purposes, but instead of cleaning they start Tokyo drifting around the apartment and doing burnouts on the carpet

plural, things being fucky wucky 

sitting in 28 C all day made us loopy in a new way - we're kinda jumbled together and it's hard to tell who is doing what

We're just gonna sleep it off

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it's about the discord redesign 

I can't stand what they've done to that poor font, it's stretched so much, and that lower case i is criminal


"Finding it, though, that's not the hard part. It's letting go."

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i'm kinda materializing, but it's too early

i'm feeling blue and gooey


for maximum confusion I will be spending $100 on twitter ads declaring it to be the "next generation of physical NFTs"

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i'm gonna make an NFT

a neat farting token

it's gonna be a small 3d printed coin with a circuit that randomly generates farting noises

I sure am glad I had the foresight to use the minio hostname feature for this instance, for when I move this whole thing to a server actually paid for by the association

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the inevitable passage of time 

In two hours and forty-six minutes I'll be 24

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