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Boosting me is illegal in the US under 18 U.S. Code § 2385

(we have some form of slight long QT syndrome, IIRC. gives me an elevated risk of getting tachycardia.)

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considered trying a shock collar, but then I remembered I have heart issues of the electrical kind in the family

probably worth being a bit careful

I swear I’m gonna accidentally call a coworker “xir” or something on Monday

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my brain is doing a funny where it insists certain people have neopronouns, but they don’t

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It is done. My quest to get a scanner to working over iSCSI is complete.

I can now safely claim that Chris on SuperUser is wrong. There is nothing stopping you from having scanners running over a storage network.

This has been one of my dumbest, expensive and time consuming projects.

it’s kinda funny that this PS1 registered demo disc starts with a “please don’t copy this disc it hurts the developers” plea

how dare you share this CD of demos with others

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this is a lot better than products like defraggler, which operates on a file by file basis (it will consolidate all fragments of a file into the first available cluster that fits it) because that mostly sits there spinning CPU calculating which files to move where, instead of just giving the OS a big chunk of IO work

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A quick looks shows that it seems to work like this in a pass:
1. grab a lot of fragments to a new cluster, consolidating them (so you get a new cluster with defragmented files)
2. once you're out of empty clusters or out of fragmented files, it consolidates existing clusters to create empty space

it repeats this until satisfactory

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I wonder exactly how the multi pass defragmenter in Windows works. It can’t be moving individual clusters at a time, because of the amount of IO it’s managing to queue, compared to third party software.

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I realize that this is a very vague question, but: What's your go-to display vendor/family for one-off hacks? (illuminated, text)

I still have a soft spot for transmissive/transflective 5x8 LCDs, but they're a bit bulky/annoying to integrate mechanically and not really sourcable reliably.

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I've decided that when I'm old and retired, my hobby is going to be soldering pain receptors on to printers

you may think i've abandoned this place, but no, i've just not been on any social media recently

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I accidentally found a security issue while benchmarking postgres changes.

If you run debian testing, unstable or some other more "bleeding edge" distribution, I strongly recommend upgrading ASAP.

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Raise your hand if you ever made a paper snake out of tear-off tractor-feed margins.

I wanna know how exactly dragons would sound speaking english, like, a lot of it comes from how human mouths are shaped and our lips being able to do what it does

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Please appreciate my dino boy (they/them)~

(Art by @tuxedodragon , who keeps surprising me with incredible art!)

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