need lalafell animations for Unity so I can convince clar to use them

look, all I'm saying is that I'd happily be roommates with Papalymo

tempted to try to use caddy as the front end for my kubernetes "cluster", but at the same time, i don't have anything but the cluster running this to test it on



ffxiv needs a shark outfit that I can dye blue

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are your teens texting about acclaimed mmorpg final fantasy fourteen online? #ffxiv
look for these signs—

lol: lots of lalafell
lmao: let's murder ascians online
afk: ardbert fights kobolds
yspls: y'shtola, please step on me

have to agree that it was much more entertaining than a kill though

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🍬 The best way to insert supply chain exploits is to embed them in a stack exchange answer to a beginner's question. 🍬

four sprouts fight titan for the first time

me and someone else managed to jump to our death

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using bard music player to avoid getting AFK kicked

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if you're small and trans then everything you do is a microtransaction

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can't believe in a game with 20 pokemon, fuckin cramorant got priority over including primarina

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this has to be the scruffiest dungeon i've ever been in, and it was my first time healing

at multiple points the group split up, and I died once because someone ran off with a giant pull and died, which meant I got 7 enemies coming up my ass while I was healing the tank

do let me know if you see something I can improve on though, since it was my first time healing

the first thing I did after buying FFXIV was sending someone beans in the mail

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