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Boosting me is illegal in the US under 18 U.S. Code § 2385

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WSL2 can just... run windows executables. It runs outside the VM. I wonder what unholy binfmt_misc crimes are happening behind the scenes

I kinda wanna make a "what does companies think my site is" site that aggregates the results of all kinds of web filters

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PSA: we're only a few weeks away from Linux Kernel 6.6.6.
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Yes, you heard it right, we're moving away from patches sent via email.

The fax number you should use from now on is 1-900-555-1212.
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TF/TG | Transformation 

Putting the HOT in hot cocoa
Something for from my weekly streams!


spent some time looking at Azure AD SSH authentication today, and it's Cursed

As far as I can tell, their OAuth 2.0 token endpoint can return signed SSH certificates

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having custom CD-Rs printed is surprisingly cheap


for the secret santa i'm in, i've spent roughly $15 on actual materials for the gift

and another $80 on equipment but ssssshhhhh

there is precisely two categories of electronic repair technicians on YouTube:

* what is diagnostic lights
* routinely replaces BGA packages

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Two snakes coiled and curled up in love~ <3


Lil bit of giftart for IndigoRho~

If you like my artwork, consider supporting me on Patreon! You'll get early access to artwork, among other neato perks:

if you want to block ads in etsy searches (because they opt creators in automatically and don't care about your filters) > h3:matches-attr(id="/^ad-listing-title-[\d]{1,10}$/"))

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