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Boosting me is illegal in the US under 18 U.S. Code § 2385

electronics gore 

I present, what happens when you ship electronics with zero padding in the package

programming while listening to UKF Dubstep 2010

if you can't make a PCB, you can make do with cardboard, super glue, double sided tape, and tinfoil

protip: don't have your first flight be on a windy day

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i'm playing with midjourney and in this image it looks like there's a crow with a hat in the clouds in the top right

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really wish I could enter IPA directly instead of guessing what text snippets produce what sounds

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I'm replacing all the default OpenTX TTS voice clips with Hatsune Miku

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one of these are not like the other

sony should maybe make the mustache a bit wider, just maybe

wish there was a "fuck me up please" flag I could set to signal other servers they don't have to rate limit themselves

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my network was down for 9 hours today, which means my timeline is going to be useless for the next day or so until servers catch up

"editor-at-large" sounds like the article author is a criminal and on the run

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In this tutorial I'll demonstrate how we can monitor spoon levels in grafana and add alert thresholds...

fair warning: today is gonna be pretty much all thunderstorms, so me and the server might drop offline every now and then

in case anyone is wondering I'm not dead, just socially exhausted from other avenues

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