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Boosting me is illegal in the US under 18 U.S. Code § 2385

update: only the GPU is fucked

so, this GPU has been in my machine since it was a brand new 1080

two-three years ago I replaced my CPU AIO cooler, because it had started performing poorly, almost as if it had no liquid in it

well, I found the liquid

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Postnord just informed me I have a package incoming but I have no clue what it is, especially since it's from Lithuania

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(this forwarder is awesome though, because they will genuinely handle anything, even cars apparently)

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having to use a US mail forwarder to buy a custom wax stamp from canada because UPS wants $64 for the freight otherwise

honestly, cheaper and easier gene modification is amazing in terms of possibilities

If your body doesn't produce something that it should produce you could just make something do it for you

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just overheard someone conflating alternative medicine and experimental medicine

one is believing crystal energy will cure your ailments and will definitely kill you

the other is ingesting GMO bacteria that produces lactase so you can eat dairy products without issues, which has a slightly lower risk of killing you

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my plan so far:
* 3d print the stamp
* grease it up
* press it into some spackling paste
* pray it doesn't crack when drying
* remove the stamp
* wipe away most of the excess grease
* fill the mold with some cheap epoxy that claims to handle 120 C
* wait for it to set
* crack the mold to release the epoxy
* wash away remains of spackling paste with water

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I could try using a printed ABS stamp, which might work for a few stamps, but it will get destroyed relatively quickly since the glass transition temperature is close to the temperature of the wax

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Amazon Sweden automatically translates the word mold (as in a silicon mold) into mold (as in what you find growing on old food)

big debate: should I spend $50 on getting the actual plate manufactured, or should I do the whole process of 3D printing it, making a mold, and then casting it myself

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people always ask me, why do you post so many polls. well as a bee, i have a close relationship with pollin

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who can I commission for art for a wax seal lol

tempted to try to get them to change the wording to just talking about our products on social media so I can absolutely fuckin roast all of it

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work is "suggesting" we praise our products on social media

lol, lmao

i'll bring it up at the union meeting tomorrow

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