like, fair game, I just like to know what flaws I can work on

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huh, first time I've run into someone who've blocked me on here without knowing why

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full offense: moving back to in person things should not cause virtual attendance options to disappear

apparently dosbox emulates IPX and actually uses RFC1234 to tunnel it (1991 RFC from Novell on how to wrap IPX in UDP packets)

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look, all I want to do is play Star Wars Episode I: Racer with people over the internet

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trying to see if I could tunnel IPX over IP and it's a good sign when you find pages in XHTML with "You can obtain [this package] on [defunct FTP site]"

user script that replaces all "Ask Me Later" buttons with "No, But Nag Me About It Later"

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why would you even put microchip trackers into a vaccine, if the adtech industry already exists?

HTTP/3 pretty much only benefits CDNs with a large number of domains that resolve to one IP, and very lossy (>50%) connections

so basically, fuck HTTP/3

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this example of adventures in bad translations keeps bouncing around my head, and for some reason reminding me of @kat thru sheer primarina energy

in case of emergency, do not ignore the mermaids,

deliberately blocking HTTP/3 until it's stable because there's zero benefits to the user 99% of the time and browsers shouldn't have draft RFCs enabled by default

my threat model: it's really easy to dig up tweets where i've been a shithead, and find where I live, so I just assume no one would bother actually coming up here, or sending mail internationally

just realized i've accidentally been spoofing my UA to google bot for the last week or so

sorry in advance

open if your kink is disobeying commands 

🔫 stop being horny

i just spent 29894 JPY on a BNA bluray boxset, how's your evening

one thing I miss in Sims 4 compared to Sims 3 is the random songs performed in simlish

I just heard Safe and Sound on the radio ingame

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