electronics gore 

I present, what happens when you ship electronics with zero padding in the package

if you can't make a PCB, you can make do with cardboard, super glue, double sided tape, and tinfoil

i'm playing with midjourney and in this image it looks like there's a crow with a hat in the clouds in the top right

a bug (specifically a caterpillar) 

found a friend

I am insanely lucky

This has been in my car, and something has managed to focus the sun light to a point where it caught on fire - thankfully it didn't spread

All transparent objects are from now on banned from my car

boards get

time to wait for the two components i'm missing (forgot to order one of them, the other is on backorder until june)

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if you wonder what I mean by "the gas tank which is inside of the frame", this is what I mean

the frame is stamped sheet metal as well, so it basically can't be cut without ruining the integrity

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if you launch steam with "-steamos3 -steampal -steamdeck -gamepadui" you get the steamdeck UI, even on windows

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