"just draw the name of the path on it, what could go wrong"

how to increase sales: have a possum deliver the sales pitch

you think i might be joking but i don't joke, even if this will take weeks

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i have never been so happy to see my ship fly away before

(had to go to the ship builder, where i renamed it and added a part, to refresh the data - i then swapped home ship back and forth, which finally fixed it)

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"if i reload my safe and don't fast travel away, this will surely fix itself"

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okay, so i went back to where the ship is according to the transition zone, and the ship is there... mostly

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someone took the time to subtitle every episode of this season of Elementary before releasing it, but didn't take the time to use any capital letters except the first letter in each subtitle


today on "dusty puts his fursona where it doesn't belong", from the hell that is UE3

I have found a new target for testing bad connections, I call it "whole town lost power in the middle of the work day and has to rely on a single 4G tower"

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