oh hell yeah, i've heard great things about this update, i've been real hyped, thanks for telling me Microsoft

old screenshot containing ponies 

look what I found

this is such a programmer message, you know, like, anyone else would say something like "we don't ship to this address"

selfie, no ec 

decided to do a Ichiban Kasuga

If only I could shave

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you heard it here first, it's okay to pirate AAA games

this post contains a minion 

workplace (facebook for enterprise essentially) is wild, because you can have a discussion where one of the only people willing to confront the leadership has this as their avatar

finally you can all see why I imported a fully backwards compatible PS3 from the US

very much first world problems 

steam is getting bottlenecked by my SATA SSD

first time I've gotten malware sent to me over mastodon

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