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honestly, because I'm curious: is your birthday in may?

"//Temporary error handling that should be removed"
- Someone at work, 2016, still present today

"//As a temporary solution..."
- Someone at work, 2009, I think, because TFVC times out when annotating history, still there

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There are two types of code: production worthy, and "violates every single best practice, explodes if you look at it wrong, held together by duct tape"

I have made the mistake of forgetting this multiple times in the past

phone seeing a sequence of numbers: "is this a phone number?"

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the only scenario in which PGP web of trust works is polycules

someone coming out as plural is often a polycule generating event

my tradition of putting random stuff on the silk screen started with wanting to make anyone cloning it from the gerbers have to put in work, now I do it because it's included in the cost of fabbing the boards anyways

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recommendation to women-only places that want to be clearly trans-inclusive 

“women and cis women only”

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maned wolf but the legs keep going like that old 3D pipes screen saver

cursing at myself 

"why does it take so long to load images on cybre"

because the image host isn't on your LAN you dumb fuck

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Before joining Mastodon had you participated or were active on BBS (dial-up) or forums (vBulletin style) in the past?

Boosts are appreciated for better sample sizes.

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amab? afab??? nah mate i’m ahab. where the FUCK is that whale

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the Disney vs. public domain distinction of “if Pooh has pants on, that’s Disney. If he’s nude, that’s public domain” should apply to all Disney characters

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There are dozens of fish or fish-like emoji (e.g., 🐟 🐠🎣🐡🦈🐬🐳🐋🐟.𓆝𓆟)

In fact, there are so many that, if I sent you a random one, a third party wouldn't have a good chance of guessing which one I'd sent.
This means we could adopt a new form of 2FA based on sending fish emoji

“In addition to your password, please log in with your one-time cod”

update on my technical issues 

so, no backups of the VM that ran veeam, which is annoying because that also ran my AD - don't ask me why I had active directory set up at home (it's because SSO is nice), so now I have a bunch of computers that need to be disconnected and have their profiles migrated

the controller on the SSD is also definitely dead

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