You should be able to change your legal name online, for free, as often as you want, for any reason


@prehensile @cadence should be limited to once a week so we don't get name based denial of service

@ChlorideCull @prehensile this is what a fucking techbro is unironically arguing in the replies for some reason

@ChlorideCull @prehensile @cadence make it work like dns, you can change your name trivially whenever you want but the old name might be cached for a little while

ideally like. a ttl of less than an hour?

@00dani @ChlorideCull @prehensile @cadence I mean that caching thing is essentially how it is anyway. Like, getting a name change through the bureaucracy everywhere can take more than a year after the legal process is done :/

@trisschen @ChlorideCull @prehensile @cadence well yeah, i was mostly shitposting

it'd be nice to have a guarantee that everyone eventually needs to consult the authoritative source on what your name is (i.e., you) tho

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