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Alright so these are my notes so far on RRCIP

Basically, have a system of components that're low overhead, written in rust, extendable, and managed on a scale where it makes sense

Main inspirations are: Kubernetes, VMWare, Openstack, and the majority of cloud services

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Why? No idea, i got the original idea while I was making a tarot bot, and i did some trials alongside a more "randomised" version, basically grabbing random values from a set

The one with a hidden variable variant performed better, appearantly, despite from a black-box perspective it having no difference (randomized output)

Soooo, im making a general package, just so I can make my life easier (in some ways) when porting some of my bots from python to rust

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I'm currently working on something along the lines of a "hidden variable toolkit", I realise, to basically have something which you can rely on having a hidden variable for a while

Currently documenting rust code and feeling good

im basically just making it cuz i want to yeet my shitty bots at servers and then never really care about them ever again after that, so i can keep pushing stuff to repositories and the changes will land nicely and automatically in the respective places

in-place CI/CD bois

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if y'all confused about chute: its basically a git-to-production-ease-of-use-whatever manager to make your job to setup all of your python projects as easy as:

chute add <name> <git url> -b master
chute start

which will clone/fetch the requested repo (if it hasnt done so already), check it out to an internal directory, and then start it according to .chute.yml which specifies some setup commands and then an entrypoint command

its meant to be containers lite, basically "i dont give a shit how this is supposed to be set up, just do it" kinda deal without the whole infrastructure of images in place, its kinda jank as fuck, but its mostly meant as a "i dont care, just do it" attitude i often have to running my stuff on servers

oh yeah, and when pulling (cuz it does that automatically), it stops the container/process, then swaps out the layers (the git "root" layer when an additional "data" layer) to the new commit, and restarts it

though in other words, ive now figured out how i can/could/should make chute, *sorta*

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im kinda tempted to make a nicer runc or container abstraction for rust, because the current crate (rust-runc) does NOT clarify anything, its just a straight copy of go-runc

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Do any of y'all know some good practices and/or crates to achieve easy and reliable interprocess communication in rust?

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Rust stuff,

Here's their GitHub

Tbh I'm excited

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Rust stuff

Found something cool

Not only some notes about what rust is like, but also a start of a probable interesting company:


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