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reading the dev guide and it's a hoot

"Assuming the user will approach a piece of software that involves Buttplug in the same way they would, say, a word processor, will end up in a fuckable word processor. If that's what you were aiming for, great, but otherwise this will just end up in a frustrated user and something that looked like a cat walked across the keyboard."

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Sir, I would love to "do the mario" but based on your instructions of "swing your arms from side to side" and "take one step and then again" all walking is "the mario"

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Hey, remember that "I want a girl" Cake thread?

I did.

(Me many times over a karaoke track)

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On 16th March, 1968 Warrant Officer Hugh Thompson Jnr was flying helicopter reconnaissance for an attack on an alleged North Vietnamese-controlled village at My Lai.

As the ground attack developed below, Thompson realised he was in fact witnessing something something else:

A massacre.

He decided to act. /1 🧵 #history #histodons

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Dyspraxia isn't just accidentally clicking or tapping twice, or inserting extra keypresses.

It's holding a control down a fraction of a second longer than you intended when gaming, because you didn't realize you were white-knuckling the inputs with every press.

It's dropping the lid for your insulated coffee mug squarely upon your insulated coffee mug as you go to put it on properly, because you were holding it with just slightly too little pressure.

It's not stopping your elbow or shoulder before it hits a wall or corner or doorframe, because you underestimated the braking force required to stop in time.

It's going to make a gesture with one hand, knowing what gesture it is you want, and yet having your fingers get tangled in each other instead of performing the gesture.

Dyspraxia is, in so many words, real-world janky controller syndrome.

And you can't tell someone has it by looking at them.

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so yesterday i saw this neat sketch by @Lobst and decided i wanted to do lineart for it. then decided i should colour it also because why not at that point

anyway your tech support is here. i hope your backups are up to date


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Me: I worked in a film photo lab in high school. It wasn't a golden age. It wasn't a great medium to use. It was expensive, bad for the environment and your health. The quality of the photos were limited by your budget. And no, film doesn't have "infinite resolution" because it's analog—the quality of the photo emulsion limits the clarity of the photo, so there's no reason to—

Phone makers: We put AI in your camera so it fills in the details with guesses!

Me: So to set up a dark room you need—

surviving through the slog that is hearing the same songs I've already heard in the Melodifestivalen Finals

I want Smash into Pieces to win and be our entry into eurovision


I'm on sick leave now because of stress and anxiety, which is *fine.*

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BRB rebranding genderfluidity as agile for gender and transing an entire industry

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“The reason most public transportation is seen as ‘losing’ money is precisely because it charges for trips. If you don't charge fares, suddenly it can't ‘lose’ money. It just costs money, the same as the roads.”

This random comment has given me my new favourite argument for removing fares from public transit.

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If you drag an emoji family with a string size of 11 into an input with maxlength=10, one of the children will disappear.

only reason I'm not hitting it faster is because that would need me to have multiple requests in flight at the same time, and that needs more code

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the nice thing about writing something at work that's hitting an internal API on a service we own and host is that I don't have to be nice until someone asks me what I'm doing

I am currently hitting this API endpoint with over a hundred requests per second and the error handling is "retry after giving it a couple seconds break"

last time I did Minecraft mods was when single player essentially ran a server locally, so you could target CraftBukkit as a sort of universal target for simpler mods

The fact that a similar mod now would need to target Forge, Fabric, and Spigot, gives me a headache

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