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it's 3 am and I've killed five mosquitoes so far

save me


Still no name, has however informed us that "we need to workout more"

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I can already tell things have changed - I used to not have a headspace, and I used to only see myself and Klor as fuzzy shapes in my head, but now there's a small forest clearing, fresh after the rain, with a small stream going down the middle. The white wolf's den is on the left.

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plural, a bit of a harrowing new headmate experience 

I think I just got another headmate while in the shower? It was extremely harrowing, to be honest.

Klor is, like, the perfect first headmate. They're a ball of goo. You have to force them to front, or have someone summon them. They vibe around otherwise.

This time we blinked, and saw a flash of white fur, and was immediately filled with rage; our muscles tensed up and our mind was immediately filled with destruction. I had to fight for a solid few minutes to remain in control, because I felt that if I let him take over, it would've ended really badly! Trying to communicate with him, I only got snarls back.

I did get a very clear look on him though, and I know him. White wolf, glowing green scar over his right eye - probably with rage. Back when he was my fursona, he was called Snowbolt. I don't know what he wants to be called now, and he's refusing to tell me, all I can tell is that he does *not* like that name.

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I kept forgetting to post this so I'm going to do it now:
@bupy made this for me the other week to cheer me up, and let me tell you, it worked immensely

one of the "quirks" your werewolves can get in the new Sims 4 pack is that they can turn into anti-capitalists

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just found this blog that's entirely about dragons in video games

since it's wordpress, you can get the RSS feed by appending /feed to the URL

I have a mystery package on the way from the US

A shipping label was created on the 14th of April
It arrived at the first facility on the 9th of May
It then bounced around facilities in the US until the 22nd of May
It left the US at the 31st of May
It arrived in Sweden on the 11th of June

I can't see that I've bought anything around the 14th of April, so I have no idea what it is

this post brought to you by seeing yet another mod for Sims that's perfect except for the fact that the animations are stilted and odd

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since I'm on my bullshit:

If you want a hot tip for how to instantly improve any animation you make - open the spline editor and give your key frames some smooth transitions instead of linear ones

shit has mass and can't turn on a dime, and that's most likely what makes your animation look odd

for a bonus, make sure nothing is symmetric - twist a foot a few degrees, make it contact a frame later, slightly tweak the splines, etc.

Also, when I doubt, consult reference footage, animation has a ton of details you just miss out on if you do it from memory

camera placement and optic effects (depth of field, realistic bloom and flaring) ground computer animation so much, and it's so often ignored

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something I've noticed when playing MGS5 is that every single cutscene has a tracked virtual camera, as in they've had the cutscene animated, and then motion tracked a camera someone is carrying - it means you get dynamic camera poses, the slight shake from a handheld camera, etc

It's one of those things that elevate them above cutscenes in other games, and even some animated movies

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"if you don't like it, fork it" is the software equivalent of "if you hate it here, just move"

minio breaks the moment I want to post something here for the first time in weeks, go figure

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just wait until kobolds find out about heat lamps

before my mom got a tattoo of me and my sister's names on her arm, she asked me privately if I planned on changing my name

true ally

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