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He's without work these days, because he can't hold any position for too long, once he gets bored of his work he will stir up shit and get fired. He's also basically unable to say anything but what people want to hear (as in lying) so he's a bit tough to talk to as well, you basically can't trust anything he says.

We're like, day and night, comparatively, lol

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"Why didn't your parents pick up signs that you might have ADD and Autism when you were younger?"

Well, my brother who has pretty severe ADHD and Autism torched a random car and ended up in our equivalent of juvie, so their expectations of indicators might have been a bit extreme.

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i downloaded all 10.000 of those ugly lazy lions nfts and turned them into a mosaic of a person right-clicking

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theres a family of kbitties livin in the buildings basement

weird regional language, referencing animal abuse 

for some reason zip ties are called "cat stranglers" in my hometown and I'm both intrigued and horrified about how that happened

honestly, the biggest downside to not being trans is that I don't have a sweet pastel color scheme I can put on anything

gang violence, an excellent display in absolutely zero foresight 

if you want the latest news in gang crime in southern Sweden

some morons got caught having done a murder because they released a music video a week before they did it featuring:

* the murder weapon
* closeups of ejected rounds from the murder weapon, in HD
* the suspected escape vehicle
* let me repeat, yes, the murder weapon, the actual murder weapon, they put a real AK in a music video and expected to get away with it

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Today's gender is exhaustion and the sound of dry leaves crunching underfoot.

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TIL Hetzner doesn't allow adult content, yet half the fediverse is hosted by them

money ~ 

I really need to look over my finances and cut back on donations, I've spent close to $1000 already and it's only the fourth of November

I donate like, 20% of my monthly wage, which isn't really sustainable

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yo, I'm wondering... do people have good fursuit foot paw patterns that I could use to make some for the sake of having some slippers?

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extremely gay fantasising,,,, 

Feeling their torso pressed into yours
Wrapping your arms around them
Squeezing them gently
Resting your head on their shoulder
Feeling their warmth
Kissing their neck
Listening to their breathing
Leaning back and sinking into the bed with them on top of you
Letting their fingers run across your skin
Forgetting every stress you have
Hearing their little gasps as you pass over the most sensitive places
Smiling uncontrollably at everything they do
Getting waves of warmth through your entire body when they hold tighter
Drifting off to sleep in each other's arms

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What's your primary OS?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)


the worst part about giving blood is that I feel like absolute trash the days after, just zero energy, which, I mean, makes sense I guess

serverless? that's just the same shared hosting concept you used back in 2006 for your PHP site, except with better PR

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