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Internal DNS gave up the ghost overnight, shit might be broken for a bit

just out of the shower, straight into a freshly made bed :dragnblanket:

I'm going to get a new boss at work, and holy fuck this is gonna be a coin flip whether it will make my existence miserable or not affect it at all

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My partner threw their pillow to the other end of the bed, so of course Merlin immediately crawled under it.

specifically, unless you give the DHCP server the magic word, it will place you in a pool that's throttled to oblivion and back

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just spent three hours reverse engineering the CPE firmware at dad's place so I can replace that garbage Technicolor with an EdgeRouter :dragnangry:

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I typed in :oh and there's a fucking 🚳 emoji.

Fuck this emote. This one can fuck off, die, and never be seen again. Anyone who uses this emote will be fucking blocked, and or slapped if you're in slapping range.

dotnet .\DepotDownloader.dll -app 250820 -depot 250821 -manifest 572717635991484269 -username ItMeProgrammingAccount -password "hunter2"

i then copy the oculus driver from this to the SteamVR install and overwrite the newer driver

i will bother figuring out how to make it prioritize my driver some other time

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my level of "refusing to humor facebook" is currently

* firewalling all parts of the oculus client from all network access
* manually downgrading the oculus SteamVR driver on every SteamVR update so I don't have to update the client

I will sign in with Facebook over my own dead body

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argh forgot the VW
sorry for staring into your soul

selfie, ec 

have an old photo of me with the hairstyle I strive for

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officially gonna bail on the meetup because I don't have any AA batteries that aren't flat, and I'm tired

wound, pretty crystals 

the thing they put in the wound crystallizes in contact with blood


controller ran out of power in the middle of a rocket league game :dragnyell:

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