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the best part of Valheim is being able to flex on americans by being able to pronounce things

sorry to all instances I will hammer because I fixed my file backend

literally the worst part is having to navigate the labyrinth of copyright and paywalls and databases just to find articles with information i can actually use

capitalism breeds innovation my ass

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I keep a copy of the actual disc data anyways, so I could just remux it later if I want to

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i should stop including all audio tracks in my bluray rips, DTS-HD audio isn't the smallest

wait, is all fantasy concepts just stolen from norse mythology

mh advisory 

i do realize I can be a bit annoying at the meetups sometimes, and well, I don't really have the energy to read people at 3 AM

just tell me that "i'm a bit loud" or whatever, and I'll realize things and stop,

just, like, tell me what I currently are doing that's annoying, but, crucially, don't tell me to stop unless you absolutely have to, because that's just going to cause RSD hell

something very powerful about how the universal sign for being happy in No Man's Sky is to do a lil dance, regardless of who you are or how seriously you take yourself. you can give a professional scientist mineral data and that still 100% warrants a lil dance.
we should normalize this irl.

you ever get executive dysfunction but for going to bed


I sneezed and now my head feels like it's going to explode

not coming to the meetup today, mostly because I don't have the energy to stay awake, lol

I'm still recovering from my sickness

toasting in normal languages:
Be glad!
May it be of use!
To our health!
To us!

toasting in Scandinavian languages:

like 15 years ago if you went into the cookies section in Firefox options it would say "cookies are delicious delicacies" and that exact statement has lived rent-free in my head ever since. I'll be going around doing my business and out of nowhere I'll just think "cookies are delicious delicacies."

I'm about ready to fall asleep and it's not even 8 PM, which does not bode well for the meetup tomorrow

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