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@ben in training, hitting 40-50 FPS on the "AMD Radeon (TM) R7 M370" with all the advanced video settings cranked to max, and all the visual effects enabled.

the integrated HD Graphics 530 hits 30-40 FPS.

@ben my laptop doesn't support DX12/Vulkan and i am happy when games get double digit FPS

is this shitty enough

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there are single-person operations that i would trust more than billion dollar corporations, and there are billion dollar corporations that have disappointed me less than 'mom and pop businesses' thru sheer incompetence and evilness both. capitalists are never to be trusted at all

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zelda TOTK, extremely minor spoilers for mechanics 

stuck a bomb on a spear, then proceeded to blow myself up

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Noticed that has become the origin of bot spam waves? This was all Gargron's plan when pushing as the entry point for the Mastodon Network :mastodon: so there is only a single instance to block to get rid of the spam. Thank you for the sacrifice ❤️

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project management / issue tracker advice 

Don't try to minimize the amount of open issues in your issue tracker! Issues are *contributions* from users, telling you about problems that you were not aware of yet - they're not pests to get rid of.

Closing issues without either solving them or a good(!) reason why they won't be fixed - for *any* reason, including stalebots - will just sour people on your project. They won't tell you that; they'll just stop showing up. And the issue still won't be fixed.

Instead, treat your issue tracker like a priority queue: accept that you're never going to get to zero, accept that some issues will remain open a long time because they are not urgent, and find a good way to order the list by your criteria of importance.

Work on things as time permits, in order of importance, communicate this to users, and establish a good rhythm of bugfixes that users are happy with even if *their* specific bug isn't fixed yet.

There are a lot more useful thoughts on this topic in this article:

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Did you hear about the executive body of the European Union's plan to give out standardised study points for a course in a Scottish university on using small diophantine equations to detect and repair transmission errors using an embedded programming language in a computer interface used to debug cross-border trains run by a British company? (Content warning: _no_ eye contact!) 

It was the EC EC EC EC EC EC EC EC EC (European Commission East Coast EuroCity ExpressCard Embedded C Elliptic Curve Error Correction Edinburgh College European Credit)

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Feeling pretty good about snagging the one good domain from this GTLD.

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So shitbag company #AudioEye is suing @aardrian:

This is after sending him spurious cease and desist letters last year:

What is AudioEye?

It’s Magic Techbro Dust¹ you sprinkle on your website to – poof! – make it accessible.

Only it seems to keep getting folks sued for being inaccessible:

Almost like you can’t magically make an inaccessible site accessible or something… 🤔

¹ “accessibility plugin/overlay”

#a11y #web

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this has got to be my new favourite unhinged connector, it's both lightning *and* micro-USB!

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H-hewwo?? Setback fow biggest deaw in gaming histowy as UK weguwatows bwock Micwosoft's $68.7bn bid to buy Caww of Duty makew (✿ ♡‿♡)

I should post mpeg-ts stream dumps of them, tbh - for fun

especially the old Netflix loading screen

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my TV is a bit odd when it comes to the TV tuner

It shows everything it can find, without regard for if it should be hidden or not according to the program table

So it shows me a really old Netflix loading screen on 168, a test channel with advertisements on a loop on 777, and OTA update channels for some receiver boxes in the channel list

someone was selling a vive pro with three trackers, three base stations, pulley system, controllers etc for $600 buy now price, but i accidentally placed a bid, and can no longer buy it for that :dragnsob:

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DISGUSTED at the double standards i see on mastodon.

When I, a silicon valley startup tech guy, talk about wanting activitypub to be the Next Big Thing, to see the fediverse grow endlessly, to expand to impossible sizes, I'm a Dirty Capitalist who you hate and want to murder

But when some FURRY posts about how they want to be INFLATED all HUGE until they're the BIGGEST AROUND


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