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death stranding networking reverse engineering 

one of the nightmares of this binary is this small block of memory I've dubbed "scratch_space" because it is used for everything everywhere

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i am tempted, but ultimately i do not want a meeting with HR to be the thing that greets me when i return from my vacation next month

the nicest thing about having a bunch of old battery powered electronics is having to have a Spicy Pillow Jar

The PS3 actually supports TLS 1.2, and has a limited selection in the root trust store, making this an actual use case, albeit niche - considering you have a whooping 200 MB for your JS heap, and a whole 56 MB for page content, according to the web content guidelines.

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okay, no, windows 2000 can't validate it because it has no clue what the signature algorithm is

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my TV is a bit odd when it comes to the TV tuner

It shows everything it can find, without regard for if it should be hidden or not according to the program table

So it shows me a really old Netflix loading screen on 168, a test channel with advertisements on a loop on 777, and OTA update channels for some receiver boxes in the channel list

today on "dusty puts his fursona where it doesn't belong"

dwarf fortress, death 

so, during the fall of my first fortress in 6 years, i was overrun by a necromancer siege - one of the victims was Tobul Ubbulud, a fisherdwarf, and she absolutely refused to go down without a fight, to the point where she, after losing an arm, decides to just bite and latch onto the corpse fighting her

cheap computer challenge 2022 chronicles 

so, it turns out one of the missing pins was not missing, but rather just incredibly mangled and smashed to the bottom!

before tossing the machine into the recycling I decided to just feel around the missing pins with some tweezers to see if there was a short, lo and behold, there the VCCIO pin was! With incredible luck I managed to put it back to where it belongs

one of the pins is still gone, but it's most certainly connected to the pin right next to it, so that is fine

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not the end of cheap computer challenge 2022 chronicles! 


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ChatGPT, "AI" 

okay I'm not surprised it didn't get this one

every now and then I get someone asking me if I sent them something because i'm opted in to our internal phishing training thing where it can use your name

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