code licenses in mods are in a funky place, tbh

we have people using the GPL, which can't apply due to the virality requirements - you can't fulfill the GPL if you link with something "non-free" - you'd need to go for LGPL in that case

then you have the "I'm putting the code on Github but you're not allowed to do anything with it because I've deliberately not put a license on it" crowd, which, well, why are you putting it up there then

then there's the classic wild west, which, well, fine, it works

@ChlorideCull :blobfoxgoogly:​ I just generally slap AGPL3 on anything I expect to be directly used to shoo away companies from abusing it :blobfoxdevil:​ Never thought about the linking requirements, kinda thought it'd just work so that if anything linked to the mod it'd need to be GPL'd, but that the GPL'd code could link to the modloader? :blobfoxbreadsnootgoogly:​ Though linking to proprietary (game) code is legally questionable I feel like no matter what the mod's license is x'3

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