sudden urge to write a blog post on how big corporations aren't that stupid all the time and to teach people the difference between selling something to an individual vs a company, and how the former is on a "we take easy wins" basis, and how the latter is on a "fighting tooth and nail" basis

yes microsoft is aware you can get a free windows license by running a modified exe to pretend you've updated from 7, despite the fact that offer ended half a decade ago. no, they do not care that you are doing it.

yes adobe is aware how easy it is to pirate photoshop. no, they do not care that you are doing it.

what they care about is preventing companies from doing this, because that's where the vast majority of their income comes from - that's why they have the legal right to audit you from the moment you buy a single license from them, at which point they'll give you a "pay up or we sue" "offer" for any pirated software they find

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