plural, a bit of a harrowing new headmate experience 

I think I just got another headmate while in the shower? It was extremely harrowing, to be honest.

Klor is, like, the perfect first headmate. They're a ball of goo. You have to force them to front, or have someone summon them. They vibe around otherwise.

This time we blinked, and saw a flash of white fur, and was immediately filled with rage; our muscles tensed up and our mind was immediately filled with destruction. I had to fight for a solid few minutes to remain in control, because I felt that if I let him take over, it would've ended really badly! Trying to communicate with him, I only got snarls back.

I did get a very clear look on him though, and I know him. White wolf, glowing green scar over his right eye - probably with rage. Back when he was my fursona, he was called Snowbolt. I don't know what he wants to be called now, and he's refusing to tell me, all I can tell is that he does *not* like that name.


I can already tell things have changed - I used to not have a headspace, and I used to only see myself and Klor as fuzzy shapes in my head, but now there's a small forest clearing, fresh after the rain, with a small stream going down the middle. The white wolf's den is on the left.


Still no name, has however informed us that "we need to workout more"

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