since I'm on my bullshit:

If you want a hot tip for how to instantly improve any animation you make - open the spline editor and give your key frames some smooth transitions instead of linear ones

shit has mass and can't turn on a dime, and that's most likely what makes your animation look odd

for a bonus, make sure nothing is symmetric - twist a foot a few degrees, make it contact a frame later, slightly tweak the splines, etc.

Also, when I doubt, consult reference footage, animation has a ton of details you just miss out on if you do it from memory

this post brought to you by seeing yet another mod for Sims that's perfect except for the fact that the animations are stilted and odd

@ChlorideCull oooh thanks! We tried to make a kink animation and it came out really janky.

How do you have a keyframe in the middle of a movement, though? Don't want to slow to a halt halfway through.

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