have kinda just realized how much shit I know purely because we didn't have a ton of money growing up

like, significant parts of my IT skills are rooted in me getting computers that was always broken in some way (my first computer was a laptop without a screen!) and having to work around it or fix it, and to this day I'm extremely good at figuring our how to do things with things absolutely not intended for it - like making a rock tumbler out of a food container and a USB fan

also kudos to my parents for realizing that I could get weeks of entertainment from a hot glue gun, a piece of scrap wood, and random junk - i made so many "boats"

dad was the one with IT knowledge, and he worked ~11 hours a day

I think I knew how to reinstall Windows by the time I was 9, because he'd bring a computer from work that was destined to be scrapped, but didn't have time to do anything with it

they were usually fine, just behind the curve, sometimes it would be a laptop with a busted screen, to which the solution was to literally rip the top half off, but I always had to reinstall Windows

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