i have an old moped that gets to go slightly faster than ones registered today

issue is that has a stinky two-stroke and I legally can't change it to something else, and the gas tank which is inside of the frame is going to rust a hole in a year or two

i am not looking forward to having to redo the registration so i can put an electric motor on it

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if you wonder what I mean by "the gas tank which is inside of the frame", this is what I mean

the frame is stamped sheet metal as well, so it basically can't be cut without ruining the integrity

my only option to keep it in stock condition (which I should because it's over 40 years old) is to basically make a new gas tank inside the existing one, without removing it

I would basically need to get a flexible tube of some material which can handle gas, put it through the inlet and outlet of the tank, and then blow hot air through it until it's reached a reformable state where it will retain its structure once cooled - then squeeze the tail end shut to make it take the shape of the tank

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