at some point people figured out that you can make a lot of money by claiming that something is an "innovation" and then just whipping up a hype machine around it, removing the need to actually invent useful things

serverless? that's just the same shared hosting concept you used back in 2006 for your PHP site, except with better PR

@ChlorideCull I worked for a startup a few years ago who claimed to be doing radical, innovative home manufacturing. In the end they were just doing panelized construction like thousands of other companies, but they put up enough smoke and mirrors and press releases that the public was totally clueless. Fortunately they went bankrupt but they fucked a lot of houses and local carpenters along the way.


@Gulfie It absolutely fucking sucks when others get hurt in the crossfire, like, I don't give a shit about the shareholders, but stuff like local businesses shouldn't be fucked over someone's elaborate scams

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