tempted to try to use caddy as the front end for my kubernetes "cluster", but at the same time, i don't have anything but the cluster running this to test it on

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@ChlorideCull lol @ not having to maintain 15 different clusters

@nilsding i basically only use it as a glorified web gateway these days, I think I'm running like two things on it, and it's just a single node

@nilsding some software is so shit I want some semblance of defense in depth for when they get RCEd

@ChlorideCull for that stuff plain rootless podman managed via systemd services does the trick quite well

@nilsding first time I've heard of it

none the less I would probably need CRI-O as well, because one of the reasons it hangs around is because of the ability to spawn workers on demand for my gitlab CI

I don't really use it for anything that I actually want to store data, because the backup and recovery workflow for every solution I've seen is absolutely garbage

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