I wonder how widespread adoption we will actually see for USB4, given how much more complex it is, since it's based on Thunderbolt.

Hell, just full USB-C adoption has been slow due to the increase in complexity.

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@ChlorideCull yeah, it's a sad sight to see brand new devices in 2021 being released that still use *micro-USB*

@EeveeEuphoria a USB-C connector costs 10 times as much as a micro-B connector (so $0.1 instead of $0.01)

but yeah, accessory side adoption is pretty easy, since it's mostly just a change in footprint

where the issue lies is on the host side, where you need controllers that can support USB-C, connectors are "one plug per connector" unlike USB 3.0, and the cables take ~60x longer to manufacture than regular internal USB cables.

My motherboard has a single USB-C port, and no extra connectors.

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