@ChlorideCull Just remember to test if it works, because I once discovered something like this for Reddit, on a website linked to from Reddit, and even if I enabled referers and js, it still just printed an error to console instead of redirecting.

@ChlorideCull Genuine question: Why is Hacker News bad? I haven't heard the discourse and have never used the site.

@categorille @terrana @ChlorideCull there might be something I don’t know about but HN is generally pretty toxic, they almost never have something nice/constructive to say IMO

@meskin @categorille @terrana At its core, it's just a community attached to a venture capital firm, so you will genuinely get banned for ever suggesting capitalism might be an issue.

In general, it's also filled with the least introspective techbros on the planet, who overestimate their importance.

Also, they really don't ban people unless they are repeat offenders, and moderator deleted comments are still visible, which means you'll have a great time reading the comments of something you've made if you are in any way not a cis white straight male.

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