if you want to perform a full refresh of a remote account, which "tootctl accounts refresh" doesn't actually do, set your rails environment like you would with tootctl, then run "rails c" (rails is in the same folder as tootctl)

once it loads you're in the rails console, which lets you run ruby code, you can run the following

ActivityPub::FetchRemoteAccountService.new.call("<ActivityPub user endpoint>")

To get the user endpoint you need to check webfinger, and grab the record that's rel = self and type = "application/activity+json"

for example, this is my webfinger on my instance: fuzzy.systems/.well-known/webf
this is my ActivityPub user endpoint: masto.fuzzy.systems/users/Chlo

@ChlorideCull try pasting the account URL into your instance's search bar


@ben seems it works most of the time, but in my case I also needed to refresh all the accounts my instance was aware of, which would've been a bit of a pain to do manually

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